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Projects 2007 - 2013

The Integrated Rural Development Concept (ILEK for short) with its fields of action and projects made a significant contribution to achieving the region's development goals in the years 2007-2015. Regional weaknesses could even be reduced with the help of LEADER: The need for renovation and conversion could be counteracted, location marketing increased, networking expanded and support through studies or project management ensured. In addition, a total of more than 430 projects have been implemented in the fields of action. This made it possible to achieve considerable impulses and positive effects for the region. Investments were made in streets, schools, day-care centers, the tourism infrastructure, playgrounds, businesses, club facilities, churches or in rural buildings that were expanded or converted to accommodate living. In addition, a regional energy and climate protection concept was created or the regional product box was developed. In addition, various cross-regional projects, such as the Geopark project, were initiated and permanently installed. Particularly noteworthy: To implement various measures, various funds and funding pots could also be used outside of LEADER.

Since 2007, the actors in the LEADER region of Leipzig Muldenland have succeeded in building a functioning local partnership with the LEADER process. With the help of the jointly developed and coordinated development concept and the projects contained therein, many actors have been involved and new ones have been gained.

Fields of action:

  • Field of action A: The energy center - regional management
  • Field of action B: Energy from the network: Strengthen intermunicipal, interregional and international cooperation
  • Field of action C: The investors are already there - establishing economic cooperations and regional value chains, using and creating renewable energy sources
  • Field of action D: Providing space for life energy - supporting the social, cultural, technical and tourist infrastructure and remaining valued as a popular residential region and recreational area for all generations
  • Field of action E: Maintaining and strengthening the identity of the region