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Minimum criteria

  • The small project serves a development and leads to a new quality.
  • There are no doubts or other information regarding the reliability of the final recipient or the ability to implement the requested small project. This also includes the LAG checking whether bankruptcy has occurred by entering the necessary personal data (except for municipalities) at https://www.insolvenzbekanntmachungen.de/cgibin/bl_suche.pl (detailed search).
  • It is estimated that the ultimate recipient will not be able to carry out the project or not to the extent necessary without the grant.
  • The appropriateness of the expenditure requested is given.
  • The small project corresponds to the objectives of the LES.
  • The pre-financing for the small project is secured. Corresponding evidence is available.
  • A specific, plausible, transparent and comprehensible project description is available.
  • The small project has not yet started.

Weighting criteria

  • You can find the weighting criteria here.
  • There is no entitlement to a grant.