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The local action group or the decision-making body of the LAG (coordination group) is responsible for the selection of the projects. The coordination group decides specifically on the project using the transparent project selection criteria.

General minimum criteria
The prerequisite for receiving support as part of the LEADER process is the fulfillment of general minimum criteria that apply to all fields of action.

Measure-specific coherence criteria
In addition, there are other coherence criteria that do not apply to all fields of action and measures, but have been specifically assigned. The measure-specific coherence criteria are listed below.

Weighting criteria (ranking criteria)
If the projects meet the coherence criteria, a further evaluation is carried out using weighting criteria. The aim of this weighting is to characterize the quality of the project in more detail. The weighting is intended to serve the LAG and the decision-making body in particular to evaluate submitted projects with regard to their chances of implementation and their qualitative contribution to the objectives of the LES. A points system in combination with a ranking is used for evaluation. As a result, those projects that meet the weighting criteria particularly well and thus achieve a high total number of points make a special contribution to rural development and the achievement of LES objectives.