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LEADER Development Strategy

For the sustainable development of rural areas, strategic objectives have been developed in the Leipziger Muldenland region in six fields of action, which develop functions such as housing, care, work as well as recreation and community according to needs or network them with appropriate spaces that offer these services. In the fields of action, the LEADER budget will be used to test alternative approaches to support with the greatest possible added value for the region. The actors in the private sector, socio-culture and, in particular, private individuals should be activated to become involved in the design and development of the region. An active population can be a long-term resource for the development of the region.

The people of the Leipzig Muldenland are supported and involved by LEADER. In particular, young people are involved in the design of the place and region. Actors are empowered to engage profitably in their own and regional interests.  The aim is to enable a large number of these partners to implement their own measures and to encourage further investment in the region. In particular, the consideration of different starting points, needs and interests of girls and boys, women and men, senior citizens, as well as the overcoming of barriers to equal opportunities and the study of gender-specific consequences in social structures and processes (gender mainstreaming) play a role. The implementation of the strategy and the LEADER process are regularly evaluated.