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LEADER region Leipziger Muldenland

Welcome to the website of the LEADER region Leipziger Muldenland. The region around the city of Leipzig has been a LEADER funding region supported by the European Union and Saxony since the end of 2007. LEADER is a European funding program for the development of rural areas. The region includes the cities and communities Bad Lausick, Bennewitz, Borsdorf, Brandis, Colditz, Grimma (excluding the districts of the former city of Mutzschen), Lossatal, Machern, Naunhof, Otterwisch, Parthenstein, Thallwitz, Trebsen and Wurzen. The Leipziger Muldenland is a 100% renewable energy starter region and part of the national geopark "Porphyry Land. Steinreich in Sachsen".


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